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What is Snackable?

Snackable is a lean recipe video production agency with a streamlined remote process. We produce on-brand recipe videos with outputs for all your social channels.

Where is Snackable located?

Snackable is a fully remote studio, with team members across the globe. Most of our filming takes place in the United States & Canada. Our headquarters are in Toronto, Canada.

How much does a video cost? 

For Food Bloggers, videos start at USD$500/video (for non-sponsored videos, with up to 4 outputs) on a subscription of 4 videos/month. Single videos (aside from your first one) are $600/video. For an additional fee, you can also include an add-on for still photography (ingredient shots, process shots and/or final dish shots), rushed delivery, and extra outputs beyond 4.

For Food Brands with product placements, videos start at $1500/video (with up to 4 outputs). There are a variety of add-ons you can include, such as storyboards, mood boards, still photography (ingredient shots, process shots, final dish shots) and extra outputs beyond 4.

Do you do recipe development? 

You bet! Our culinary team has lots of experience with recipe development and testing, to ensure mouth-watering recipes for your brand.  

How do I know if my videos will be on-brand?

First, we gather all your brand assets and guidelines, to ensure that the videos are visually consistent with the rest of your brand. If you don’t have this figured out, our creative team can help.
Then, we work with you to ensure that your videos reflect your brand voice – be it dramatic, clean & minimal, upbeat & peppy – you name it, we create it. We can also provide mood boards (which include tabletops, set design, and all the appliances, cookware and cutlery we’ll use) and/or storyboards (shot by shot list of each scene) to ensure your video turns out exactly as you envision.  

What’s your turn-around time?

After receiving all of your video requirements, your draft is typically ready within 2 weeks.

Do I need to choose the music?

You can provide us with music, or we can pick it for you, based on your brand guidelines. You can also choose (for free) from our licensed music library consisting of thousands of soundtracks.  

Who owns the videos?

You do, of course! As a Snackable customer, you own the rights to your original content, and have unlimited usage across all channels and geographies, in perpetuity.  

I don’t have an intro or outro animation. Can you make them for me?

Indeed, we can! If you don't have a branded logo animation (the kind you see at the beginning/end of recipe videos), just let us know in the intake form, and our creative team will make you one, for no extra charge.

How does the revision process work?

We send your video draft via a web tool called Frame.io, to make it super easy for you to provide us with all the changes. You use timestamps to indicate changes you’d like to make. You can even annotate the video to ensure your revision directions are crystal clear. This shortens the revision cycle duration, saving you time, and ensuring you get your final videos on-time. We aim for a maximum of 2 revision cycles per video – most of the time, it’s less.

What are the output options we have?

We try to stay ahead of the social trends – so you don’t have to. Currently, we offer the following outputs, and we update them as social media trends change:

  • Widescreen (16:9) - Website, YouTube
  • Square (1:1) - Instagram, Facebook
  • Vertical (9:16) - IGTV, IG Reels, TikTok
  • Vertical (4:5) - Instagram
  • Vertical Pin (2:3) - Pinterest
  • Google Web Stories
  • GIF


High-quality, affordable recipe videos.

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High-quality, affordable recipe videos.